Safaricom launches Promising Cybersecurity Solution for Enterprise Customers

Safaricom has recently expressed its interest to venture into the cybersecurity industry with a revolutionary solution for its Enterprise customers. This news comes just as Airtel Kenya held talks with Telkom in order to acquire Telkom Kenya formerly Orange.  Safaricom is currently the leading telecommunications company in the country, not to mention the oldest. Its survival tactic has always been expanding its market reach beyond the customary telecommunication products. The mammoth corporation dominates the lucrative mobile money transfer service in Kenya and has an estimated 64% market share of the total mobile users in Kenya.

Its new Cybersecurity solution for businesses will majorly target local businesses looking for airtight cybersecurity systems locally. Earlier on Safaricom had about 81% of Kenya’s market share, which dropped to 64%, following the success of competitor companies Telkom and Airtel. With the growing need for robust cybersecurity systems in Kenya, Safaricom intends to tap into this opportunity. As of now, the telecommunications company is only focusing on systemized IT Audits and security services for websites and emails. However, soon the company might expand to bigger clients and mega enterprises.

In CEO Bob Collymore’s words, Safaricom’s cybersecurity products will work across different budget categories and levels. This is actually the first time that a mobile carrier in the country is venturing into security for the cyberspace. Kenya has other private cybersecurity firms such as Serianu,  which should expect to feel the heat now with the entry of Safaricom into this space.  Safaricom is not known to shy away from any promising venture and this explains their recent entry into the music streaming domain through the Songa App.

Image courtesy Techtrendske

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