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Good design is an Opportunity. With a good Branding Strategy you can beat your competitors by earning the trust of potential customers at first sight!

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Kasi Web Technologies is a professional web designing and online branding company based in Kenya. Our mission is to provide small businesses with affordable, feature-rich and fruitful Web designing and branding-related services.

We build custom made products as well as provide our customers with enterprise-grade web solutions. You can trust us to take your brand to the next level.

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Brand Management, Branding & consultancy services

Logos, Brochures & Banner Designing services

Social Media Marketing, SEO and General Online Marketing

Web Design, Software Solutions, Web Hosting and Domains

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With a good website, logo or brand design, you sell more than just your business. People tend to trust uniquely branded businesses more. We help you win this customer trust with just a single glance from your potential clients.

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A good portfolio will get you a client in no time and definitely earn you more trust.

We, more than anyone else understand that Product Excellence is the basis of any profitable business.

For this reason, we guarantee that every text, logo, and element is in its rightful place and shape.

We correct typos on your business card, brochure or website before submission.




The Process
This is how we do it


We listen to your vision and problem statement, then do thorough research in your industry in order to determine what will work best. Our research covers all key factors in your industry including your product or services, your consumer’s habits, behavior and experience with similar products as yours


Afterward, we use the collected data and become creative with it. The aim here is to give your business a unique face and make as creative as possible. Of course, we keep you posted on what we are building for you and when everything is all laid out we are ready to implement the strategy.


Here, we take your thoughts and our insights and bring them to life. If it’s a website, we make sure that it’s tailor-made to suit your desires. All this time we keep in mind other important factors such as SEO and quality of content. We try our very best to complete every project in time.